ANSYS FEA solutions are delivered by ANSYS Mechanical inside ANSYS Workbench, the automated and parametric simulation platform that enables simulation-driven design and optimization. ANSYS Mechanical is equipped with intelligent meshing technology, automatic contact detection and management tools, as well as topology optimization algorithms, delivering unprecedented accuracy across all industry sectors and analysis types, ranging from static structural, dynamic (modal, harmonic, random, fully transient) to fatigue and failure analysis. In addition, ANSYS LS-DYNA explicit analysis product, integrated in ANSYS Workbench, delivers solutions for impact, crash and other sudden and severe loadings.

ANSYS FEA is equipped with material models that range from common metal behaviour to viscoelastic and hyperelastic to composites and fracture, whereas special tools are available for body dynamics, hydrodynamic loads (waves) and explosion modelling, creating a complete modelling portfolio to address real worlds complex applications. ANSYS FEA users can predict quickly and easily product behaviour under different loading conditions, eliminating early in the design process bad designs and greatly reducing time-to-market of products that will outperform competition.