SimTec conducted a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) study for the air-flow inside an Air-Curtain. The Air–Curtain resembles an air–condition unit and is placed over openings (e.g. of commercial stores, shops, hotel & restaurant entrances) and aims at creating an air jet of sufficient kinetic energy that will not allow the cross flow through the opening, hence thermally separating the two areas. The commercial CFD software FLUENT was used for this study.

The CFD model construction included:

  • File import from a CAD software of the 3D Air-Curtain geometry to FLUENT’s Pre-Processor, Gambit.
  • Mesh creation (Gambit).
  • Creation and solution of the Physical Model.

The simulation revealed the unwanted recirculation zones, the high friction values (energy losses) areas as well as the high levels of turbulence that to a great extend contribute to the operation noise of the Air-Curtain. Useful conclusions were derived concerning the need for change of the Air-Curtain geometry.